Center Preschool

Philosophy and Goals For children

Our philosophy for education is to encourage children to think creatively, feel confident to try out their ideas, and learn at their own pace. Growth and development is a continuous process which cannot be taught or hurried. Our goal is to help children become independent and self-confident, to exhibit good habits and attitudes and to have a positive sense of themselves.

Our curriculum objectives are to help each child develop to their own full potential in these developmental areas:

SOCIAL:To help children get along with others, work within a group, solve conflicts and form and follow school rules.

EMOTIONAL: To help children become an independent, self-confident learner with a positive attitude towards others. To exhibit self-control and learn acceptable ways for releasing strong feelings.

COGNITIVE:To help children develop the 3 R's: Recognize, Remember  and Reason, and to acquire skills in problem solving and asking questions.

PHYSICAL:To help children increase their ability to use their large and small muscles through activities children will discover a positive self image and awareness of their bodies.

The activities planned for children, materials selected, the daily schedule, the interaction between teachers and children are all designed to help us reach our goals and give your child a successful start in school.