Center Preschool

Preschool Curriculum

Statement on Curriculum

Based on Connecticut Benchmarks, City of Meriden School Readiness and Creative Curriculum, Center Congregational Preschool curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the whole child through a play-oriented, integrated approach. During activity times, the children are free to choose a learning center which interests them. The following types of activities will be offered frequently.

Examples include buttons, pom pms, yarn Popsicle stickes, glitter, paint, music, fantasy play, and dance.

PERSONAL AND SOCIAL EXPERIENCES: Examples include describing themselves and their feelings, conflict resolution strategies, and cultural awareness.

PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT: Examples include tricycles, balance beam, climbing gym, blocks, dancing, manipulatives, personal hygiene and self-help skills, and choosing nutritious meals and snacks.

COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT:Examples include experiences with science and math, language skills, listening, following directions, retelling stories, beginning writing skills, and social studies.

SENSORY EXPERIENCES:Examples include shaving cream, water, sand, rice and beans. bodies.

This approach to curriculum offeres children a wide variety of choices. Children are encouraged to try new activities. Through choice children develop initiative, high self-esteem, creativity, and the ability to work independently to solve problems.

Assessment Policy

Children's progress is assessed throughout the year using observations, work samples, benchmark evaluation, and tool-book for Meriden's Early Childhood. Teachers have received training in the Preschool Assessment Framework and Creative Curriculum. Conferences are held twice a year and any other time that a family requests. Parents are encouraged to view children's files. A copy of each child's assessment is provided to families. These include individual and classroom educational goals and activities to be done at home. Staff will assist families with special needs referrals when needed or requested.