Center Preschool

Preschool Admission Policy

Admission Policy

Center Preschool is open to all children regardless of race, creed, ethnic, or cultural background whose whose parents live or work in the area. Center Preschool serves children from three to five years of age. Special needs children are included in the program. The center is licensed for 30 children per day.

Families wishing to enroll a child in the program must fill out a complete set of paper work. Vacancies in the program are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Center Preschool is committed to incorporating and celebrating diversity on our program. The program recognizes and zaccepts each child's individual uniqueness. Our enrollment is available to special needs children whose inclusion enriches the program in many ways.

All families are encouraged to share various aspects of their cultural heritage as part of our program. Stories, songs, and recipes from families' culture enrich our program and strengthen the link between home and school.

Center Preschool recruits children through a variety of methods such as fliers, newspaper advertisements, and referrals from parents and local agencies.